Business Licensing for Color Display Manufacturers


With our Business-to-Business (B2B) Licensing program, display manufacturers work with Pantone to demonstrate their products’ ability to simulate the full range of Pantone Colors, enabling them to deliver color confidence and convenience to customers around the world.

Creative professionals working in fields where color is crucial (such as print, packaging, fashion, textiles, web, and product design) and gamers alike can trust Pantone-evaluated color displays to provide proven color accuracy and consistency when simulating Pantone Colors on screen.

  • Simulate the full range of Pantone Colors accurately and consistently
  • Offer consumers built-in color confidence
  • Gain credibility through Pantone’s trusted expertise and globally recognized brand
  • Connect with the vast ecosystem of products that use Pantone Colors
  • Provide Pantone color fidelity with fewer product setup, installation, and support costs


Verify accurate simulation of Pantone Colors on color-corrected displays

Pantone Color Systems are trusted and used by designers, producers, brands, and manufacturers around the world. The Pantone Validated program evaluates color-corrected professional- and production-grade displays on their ability to simulate the Pantone Colors that these customers rely on every day.

Pantone Validated display products offer:

  • The full range of Pantone Colors simulated with accuracy and consistency
  • Color-corrected displays verified to meet rigorous Pantone Validated criteria for demonstrated color fidelity
  • Color confidence for consumers, backed by Pantone Validated performance
  • Evaluation and analysis of color-corrected displays by Pantone Technicians
  • Premium, Pantone Validated positioning within a product line or category
  • Reduced product setup, installation, and support costs
  • Color confidence of Pantone’s trusted and globally recognized expertise